City Wide Convention Shuttle Systems

If you’re planning a large convention or conference, you understand the importance of planning every detail to ensure success. One important detail that can truly leave a good impression with your guests is efficient convention shuttle transportation. Having a dependable and efficient shuttle system is a must when it comes to making your attendees feel like VIPs. Because you strive for perfection in your planning, we also strive to provide perfection in every transportation detail to ensure your success at Transportation Solutions.

Convention Transportation Planning

As part of our commitment to planning your event’s transportation logistics, our expert transportation coordinators discuss your unique RFP requirements. This information helps us create the perfect customized group transportation package for your guests’ convention travel needs. Whether your guests need an airport shuttle, transportation to your venue, or even off-site transportation, we handle all of the logistics for you. These can include:

  • Types of vehicles needed
  • Re-evaluation of all routes prior to shuttle
  • Analysis of traffic flow patterns
  • Creation of alternate routes in case of detour
  • Arrangement of local police participation for traffic and crowd control, if necessary

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Transportation Solutions — The Trusted Name for Convention Transportation Services

Since 1996 we have been providing transportation services for all types of events. We encourage you to look at our references and testimonials  to see some of the client we have worked with. THEY, BETTER THAN WE, CAN TELL YOU THE LEVEL OF THEIR SATISFACTION WITH THE SERVICES WE HAVE PROVIDED THEM, AND CAN PROVIDE YOU!