Motor Coach BusWhen it comes to large group transportation, there’s no more efficient and comfortable ride than in a motor coach. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, or a large group event to an entertainment venue, Transportation Solutions offers you the most comprehensive large group transportation services available.

Motor Coach Amenities

When it comes to group transportation, efficiency is key. Whether your group is 50 or 50,000, you need the right types of vehicle to meet your needs. Motor coaches provide both the room needed to transport your guests and the comfort you want. Some of the amenities include:

  • Plush Reclining Seating
  • Climate Control and Personalized Overhead Controls
  • Overhead Reading Lights
  • Overhead Parcel Bins
  • DVD and/or VCRs and Monitors

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Whether your group’s event is a few blocks away from the pick-up point, or several miles away, you know they’ll receive the most efficient and comfortable transportation available.

Motor Coach Transportation Services

When it comes to planning your event’s transportation logistics, our transportation coordinators will create a customized transportation package, based on your group’s requirements, to meet all of your needs. Not only are you getting a comfortable ride, but you’re also getting the best in reliability and efficiency.

American Transportation Solutions

When it comes to large group transportation services, nobody does it better than Transportation Solutions. Since 1996 we have been the trusted transportation service for a variety of large events, from conventions and conferences to expos and trade shows. Contact us today to plan your group’s motor coach transportation service!