Coordinators Photo 012When planning a corporate event, conference or convention, you want to find the best services possible to truly succeed. The same is true when it comes to finding a shuttle transportation services for your guests attending to your event. From airport shuttles to large group transportation, Transportation Solutions is the trusted name in group transportation services. Our experienced logistic experts will work with you to create the customized transportation package you need, and our staff of highly experienced on-site coordinators will attend to every detail to make sure it runs as designed, and as expected!

Superior Planning

To bring you the best in transportation services, our logistical experts take the time to speak with you personally and determine the perfect transportation package for your needs. As part of the one-on-one conversation, our staff will take into account all of your RFP requirements.

Call 1-877-501-4141 today to speak with one of our logistic experts or fill out our contact form for more info on corporate meetings, city-wide conventions, conferences and trade show transportation.

We also:

  • Recommend the amount of and type of vehicle you need for the size of your group.
  • Provide ADA physically challenged transportation service options, if necessary
  • Organize and schedule local law enforcement participation, if necessary
  • Analyze traffic flow patterns
  • Reevaluate all routes prior to shuttle
  • Address any safety and crowd control issues
  • Coordinatie vehicles through city-wide communication systems

These are some of the issues we address with you before your shuttle service begins to ensure all of your needs are met. But we don’t stop there! We work with you during your shuttle, too.

Superior Transportation Service

Part of our commitment to meeting your needs includes ensuring everything runs smoothly during your shuttle. Our industry-experienced transportation coordinators have the knowledge needed to plan and prepare for a smooth shuttle.

Contact the Transportation and Shuttle Service Experts

For all of your nationwide transportation service needs, trust the experts at Transportation Solutions. Since 1996 we have been providing superior transportation for numerous corporate events including conventions and conferences. When you need comprehensive group transportation services that are custom designed to your specific needs, contact us today!